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We understand the importance of hiring the best drivers money can buy. We hire only the best of the best: drivers who are fully trained, D.O.T. certified, and who pride themselves on safety and on-time pick-up. In other words, we’re looking for you! Be a part of our elite team and be rewarded with a competitive pay package, generous benefits, flexible home time, and the respect you deserve.

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As K.L Harring moves into the future, our strategy is to continue providing high quality specialized transportation services that will provide solutions to our customers’ unique market needs. Since 1978, K.L. Harring has driven millions of miles and made thousands of on-time deliveries for customers who have relied on us to deliver the goods. And we can do the same for you. K.L. Harring is a professionally managed full service transportation and warehousing company located in Bethel, PA. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation. We provide equitable solutions to our customers’ needs by thoroughly understanding and responding to their transportation requirements. Our services include expedited team truckloads, long-haul regional and national truckloads, refrigerated truckloads, express LTL, and logistics. K.L. Harring provides customized services, to fulfill any need–even those requiring the most complicated routing. If you are a large shipper, K.L. Harring can provide you with integrated transportation services by placing a dedicated fleet at your disposal. If you are a smaller company, you will appreciate our complete commitment to meeting all your needs on every shipment. Small or large, our customers are a source of pride to K.L. Harring. We aim to take care of our customers and our customers’ customers. We makes sure the people and the processes are in place to produce the results you want, need, and deserve.

  • Expedited Team Truckloads
  • Long Haul Truckloads
  • Regional Truckloads
  • National Truckloads
  • Refrigerated Truckloads
  • Express LTL
  • Custom Logistics Solutions

Quality Service and Reliable Deliveries

K.L. Harring - Commitment to Excellence

We continuously strive to improve our technology and processes to ensure the safety and security of our customer’s goods. At K.L. Harring, we take pride in providing the highest level of service to our customers. That's why we invest in the education and training of our drivers to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the day-to-day situations that may arise on the road. Our drivers undergo continuous training, and our commitment to quality service has resulted in an on-time delivery rate well above the industry average. Additionally, we maintain a fleet of late-model Kenworths that are regularly serviced and maintained to strict standards, ensuring reliable and efficient deliveries for our customers. At K.L. Harring, we continually strive to leverage the latest technologies and innovations to maintain our leadership position in the industry and exceed our customers' expectations.

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Mail: PO Box 56 Bethel, PA 19507 Phone: 717.933.5992 Fax: 717.933.5863 Toll Free: 1.800.223.4808

Mike and Trina

Teams Easily Achieve $200,000/year

$4,200 Weekly Guarantee

$16,800 Monthly Guarantee


“KL Harring is an absolutely amazing place to work. My husband and I have been out here for years driving at different companies, and believe me, we are lifers here. The owners actually care about your career with them along with the staff. It’s just an all-around fun and amazing place to work. Equipment is top of the line and built with the team drivers in mind.”
                                                                                       – Rebecca G